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Come and visit our contemplative space. We invite you to sit placidly in the gardens, conjure your own creative spirit, and find that which resonates with you.

Intuitive Garden

Intuitive Gardens

Connect with us and create your own contemplative garden. We can help you design and implement a lovely meditation space in your home or business.



Join us for inspiring, contemplative events…guided meditations, sound healings, poetry, music, yoga, authentic relating workshops, mystical classes, and more …  we are eager to connect with you!

Contemplative Decor

Contemplative Decor

Seeking an aesthetic piece to beautify your home or a magical gift for a loved one. Peruse our collection of unique and energetic home and garden decor.

Resonate With
Space and Spirit

Need a minute to gather yourself and experience a peaceful moment in your hectic day? Visit us and sit in the garden, connect with Gaia in our sacred circle, or share a poem with us if you’d like. We love those!

Looking for that perfect gift handcrafted and lovingly created by a local artist or artisan? Come and browse through our unique collection of energetic home and garden decor.

Want to create something beautiful that helps your spirit soar? Attend one of our contemplative workshops and create a deeply personal object of meditation.

We also offer a unique collection of hand harvested driftwood sculptures, aesthetic stone, airplants, dried native flora, repurposed planters, funky iron implements, and all manner of energetic adornments to beautify your living space.

Whatever it is you are seeking, come and connect with us, perhaps you will find it here at ResonateATX!

Intuitive Gardens

Intuitive Gardens

Gardens offer us a place to participate in the beautiful dance between Mother Earth, Humanity, and the Divine. The foundation is the Earth and all She brings forth. The inspiration, our own deep feelings of what beauty can be. The manifestation, a physical place where these subtle energies entwine, and we experience the Divine through a myriad of senses.

Every garden has a story to tell. Each element yearning to share its own beauty and experience of time. As the days ebb and flow, what wonders are found in watching a garden change.

Let us help you design and install a contemplative garden in your living space. Join us in this dance of co-creation and feel yourself changing with each passing season.

Mystical Markets & Workshops

Mystical Markets & Workshops

Perhaps it is our ability to create which distinguishes us from all other forms of being. At ReaonateATX our passion is assisting others in touching that magic, creative spirit which lives within us all.

Visit one of our weekend Mystical Markets and discover fascinating metaphysical wares from talented local artists and artisans.

Participate in one of our hands on workshops, and tap into your own creative genius by creating a deeply personal piece of contemplative art.


Contemplative Home & Garden Décor: From simple accents to architecturally anchoring elements, our WoodWordStone collection offers a full array of contemplative décor.

Harvested from tranquil waters, forgotten homesteads, and rusting railroad lines, naturally weathered materials form the foundation of our offering. Integrated into conscious living spaces or utilized as devotional altars these pieces not only accentuate premium design, they resonate with a deeper magic.

Featured Artist | Founder

Brad Powell

From the very beginning, my core inspiration has been to blend the guttural, bruised essence of the earth, cosmos and ethereal wonder into subtle, refined, elegant creations. It excites me to think of someone bringing one into their home solely because of its aesthetic qualities, and upon taking a glance one day, sees something more. A purely present moment in the foyer perhaps!

Offerings.  Events.  Happenings.

Contemplative- Art Workshops

Contemplative Art Workshops

Workshop Dates – TBD

Looking to discover that vibrant creative spirit which resides within you? Join one of our contemplative space workshops and create your own lovely object of meditation. Whether you are an accomplished artist or have never explored your creative ability, we are sure you will resonate with this experience.

We begin with a calming meditation and from a place of tranquil spirit, together assemble beautiful meditation pieces formed from lovely driftwood, aesthetic stone, rusting iron, and vibrant airplants.

Connect with us to schedule your creative time today. Workshops are available for individuals and for groups up to ten creators at a time.

Mystical Markets

Mystical Markets

Market Dates – TBD

Metaphysics is defined as “the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.”

ResonateATX supports exploration into the beauty and wonder of this realm by cocreating space with local practioners and artists who are dedicated to the metaphysical arts and sciences.

Come visit one of our Mystical Markets and discover offerings such as tarot readings, mystical & body painting, palmistry, plant medicine, inspired jewelry, ecstatic dance, crystal and sound healing, earthing and much more.

Let Your Spirit Soar
Visit Us

Visit Us
Let Your Spirit Soar

Experience our intuitive gardens, shop for contemplative art, attend a workshop or upcoming event, or just come sit for awhile. This space is created for you!

Co-Creations of Space and Spirit

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Creative beauty springs forth when two separate things merge and resonate with one another.

Contemplative Home & Garden Décor

  • Objects for Meditation
  • Contemplative Gardens
  • Design/Installation/Tending
  • Backyards, Patios, Balconies, & Decks
  • Driftwood Sculptures & Planters
  • Airplants & Dried Native Flora
  • Energetic/Aesthetic Stone

Events &

  • Contemplative Art Workshops
  • Pop Up Markets
  • Mystical Markets
  • Poetry Readings
Simple Sit

Simply Sit



Co-Create with Spirit


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