Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections Event

Saturday, August 27th, 2022 – 7pm-9pm
Resonate ATX, Tickets $33
6516 Shirley Ave Austin, TX 78752

  • Learn more about yourself and how you relate to others
  • Find your elemental family
  • Make Cosmic Connections

More Details

Ever experienced an immediate energetic connection with someone? A hard to define, yet undeniable feeling of being synched with another?

And have you wondered exactly what lies at the foundation of such a feeling? Why am I intuitively drawn to this person?

The Ancient Wisdom of Astrology provides a wonderful language to help us navigate and describe such experiences.

Join us for an evening of “Cosmic Connection!” An intentional gathering of people eager to explore deeper levels of relating and interconnection with each other. Every-other Thursday we will take a look at ourselves through a different astrological lens – Moon Signs, Sun Signs, Rising Signs, etc… and begin to see ourselves as the multi-layered and multi-faceted unique beings we and the folks around us are.

These gatherings are facilitated by Austin astrologer Johnny Barnett under the beautiful Bedouin tent at ResonateATX.

Be guided through the world of astrological connection as you vibe with others who share not only similar Signs, but also Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water- Ruling Planets, Soul Purposes and a whole host of other energies that go into making you the masterpiece of creation you are!

Then dive deep and explore connections with those who possess other astrological underpinnings than yourself.

The intention… to develop a better understanding of our selves, while gaining a deeper sense of how and why we mesh, match, conflict, harmonize, and truly synch with others.

You may find a friend, a business partner, a lover, a companion, a rival, a confidant, or just an interesting person with whom to spend a delightful few hours.

Most importantly, you may find a deeper sense of self awareness, and perhaps…discover another unique facet of what makes you, you!

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